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How to Prevent Your Generous Donations from Inviting Endless Spam

Despite the inadequate savings account funds belonging to millions of Americans in this slow economy, many still find solace in their ability to donate toward a cause they feel strongly about. What new donors may quickly come to realize, however, is that their act of kindness could leave them vulnerable to unwanted solicitations from the very causes they intended to support.

The Charity Navigator, a website that rates charity organizations, shared that the total giving to charitable organizations in 2011 was at $298.42 billion, an increase of 4 percent compared to 2010. Of that amount, 73 percent came directly from individual donors.

With so many Americans willing to donate to the millions of support groups soliciting for funds, it's imperative donors read between the lines--or, in my experience, the fine print. When I submitted my name and e-mail address for an entry to win a chance to meet President Barack Obama, little did I know I was unknowingly entertaining spam e-mail.

Obama for America Spam

The contest to dine with the president was sponsored by Obama for America, and no monetary contribution was necessary to enter, but donations were welcomed. I figured that it was no big deal, so why not? Upon entering the contest, I was taken to a page that continued to suggest I donate. I ignored it and moved on with my life (or so I thought).

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News 3 years ago

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