Check IE History

Check IE History:


Effectiveness: Medium


Advantages:  Reduces the amount of false positives from the spam filter.


How it works: Will automatically allow emails from domains that appear in your Internet Explorer History list.  However, if at least one email address from one of these domains has been added to your spammers list, the domain will not be allowed to bypass the filter.  This helps to prevent common domains which are used by spammers, to not bypass the filter once an email address has been added to the spammers list.


Limitations:  Can increase the amount of spam messages slightly particularly when first starting to use this filter option.


Recommendations:  We recommend enabling this option if you are seeing too many false positives.  It will cause an initial increase in spam initially until users from common domains are added to your spammers list.  Then these common domains will no longer be able to use this filter bypass feature.

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