Effectiveness: low


Advantages: Bounce is one of the only methods to actually lower the physical amount of spam you receive.


How it works:  When a message is bounced, spammers who receive a bounce may remove your email address from their spam lists.  This is most effective against the semi legitimate spammers who use legitimate email addresses and domain names which will be more likely to receive your bounce message. This may encourage them to remove your email address from their spam list since they think your address is invalid because of the bounce message they will receive.


Limitations: Bouncing all your messages is labor intensive, it requires you to review and bounce the spam messages you receive.  It is ineffective against most spammers as they do not use legitimate email addresses, so they will never receive the bounces.  It also uses extra bandwidth to send and retrieve the bounce messages.


Recommendations:  Bouncing is most effective for users with light amount of spam messages.  If you receive 10-20 spam messages or less a day, it may be an effective part of your spam solution.  For higher levels of spam. generally the effort required to bounce every message is not worth the few lists you may be removed from.  It is more effective to concentrate your efforts on keeping Spam Bully's Bayesian spam filters properly trained.

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