I can see the Spam Bully toolbar in Outlook Express, but my messages are not being filtered. How do I fix it?

1. First make sure the outlook express message rule is working.  In outlook express go to message rules and make sure the "Spam Bully filter" rule is not red.  If it is, direct it to your spam folder.

2. If you don't see a "Spam Bully filter" message rule, try restarting Outlook Express.  Then check and see if the rule exists. 

3. If it still doesn't exist, create a new rule with these parameters.

Where the message body contains 'SpamBullyFilter'
Move it to the 'Spam' folder

4. Try to delete the spam folder.  First, make sure you don't have any important email in the spam folder.  Then, delete this folder by highlighting it in the folder menu and selecting the Delete key (Del).  Then close Outlook Express and reopen it. 

5. If it still isn't filtering your email properly, Click on a message that was incorrectly identified and select the "message details" button before you mark the message as spam with the "spam" button.  What does it tell you and what rank did the message receive by the bayesian filter?  Is the filter properl categorizing it as spam?

6. Also are you checking any imap, hotmail, or exchange accounts?  If so you will need to add these folders in Outlook Express that you want checked to the Spam Bully menu > Configure Spam Bully > Check Folders dialog.


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