Block Languages

Block Languages Allows you to block messages based on character language sets that the messages were written in.  Helps you block those spam messages you sometimes receive that are written in characters that appear unreadable.  Usually, these types of messages were written in a different language.  Spam Bully can block certain languages and character sets with this feature. Languages are divided into languages and character sets.  In general, there are several character sets that correspond to each language.  To block an entire language, simply place a check mark in the corresponding language you want to block.  Each character set from this language will now be blocked.


a.)    Check All Puts a check mark on all languages and character sets.  This would block all emails from any language if the user was not in your friends list.


b.)    Uncheck All This unchecks all languages and character sets.  No email messages would be blocked based on the block languages feature in this case.



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