Block Countries

Block Countries Allows you to block emails originating from certain countries. Countries are broken down in the country table by Continent and Country.  To block an entire continent, simply place a check mark in the corresponding continent.  All email from countries on this continent will be blocked from your Inbox and automatically sent to your Spam folder.


a.)    Check All Puts a check mark on all countries and continents.  This would block all emails from anywhere if the user was not in your friends list.


b.)    Uncheck All This unchecks all countries and continents.  No email messages would be blocked based on the block country feature in this case.


c.)    World Map Shows you the countries that are blocked or allowed on a world map. Countries can be selected directly by highlighting the country and clicking it.  You can zoom in on the map with the mouse scroll wheel if available.  You can also right click the map to allow or block an entire country.



e.)    Default Restores the default option that installed with Spam Bully.  (all unchecked)


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