Challenge Email

Challenge Email (Outlook only) Is an email that is sent to an unknown user that has passed through Spam Bully's Bayesian filter but is not yet in your Friends list.  An email is sent to an emailer who has sent you an email asking them to confirm they are a valid user by typing in a special password from the challenge email.  When they reply to this email they are added to your Friends list.  This is usually an effective means of limiting spam since spammers do not respond to emails of this type as it is not cost effective.  However, a legitimate emailer usually does not mind responding to a challenge email and will respond to the message successfully.  Once a user is in your friends list, they are no longer sent challenge emails.  (NOTE: It is not recommended to use challenge emails when you belong to listservs.  Listservs are newsletter/group discussion type emails that allow you to participate with other users in a discussion via email. You can post questions to the group and receive answers.  DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE CHALLENGE EMAILS WHEN PARTICIPATING IN THESE TYPES OF GROUPS!!! This will cause a challenge message to be sent to everyone in the group.  This is considered extremely rude and not proper net etiquette. You have been warned.)


a.)    Challenge Edit Box This allows you to edit the message that is sent out in a challenge email.  [CTRL] Enter starts a new line.



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