Challenge Email

Challenge Email: (Outlook only)


Effectiveness: medium


Advantages: Can almost completely eliminate spam.


How it works: Challenge email is an email that is sent to an unknown user that has passed the Bayesian filter but is not yet in your friends list.  This email is sent to a user who has sent you an email asking them to confirm they are a valid user by typing in a password from the challenge email.  


Limitations:  Can increase false positives significantly.  It can also cause problems with net-etiquette.  It is generally not polite and can also be considered unprofessional if using this method with business accounts.  DO NOT USE it if you belong to newsletters or group discussions where you participate with other users.  This can cause a challenge email to be sent to all users participating in a newsletter and this type of internet behavior is unacceptable.


Recommendations:  We only recommend enabling this if the current filter methods are not effective and you do not belong to any group style participation newsletters.  Please remember that not all users receiving these notices will respond even if they are good users.  Also all email receipts for goods and services will be blocked.

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