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Message Details – Contains detailed information about the selected email.  The information contained includes:  information on why the message was blocked or allowed, recommendations on how to fix improperly categorized messages, the sender's IP address, country, language, and Spam Bully's Bayesian rank.


a.)    Message filter details – Explains how the filter determined what to do with a specific message. Shows what message rule was triggered that caused it to be classified as a good message or spam.


b.)    Our Recommendation – This provides hints as to what needs to be adjusted so this message no longer is caught or let through the filter.


c.)    Sender’s IP – This is the IP address of the sender.  It helps in determining the location of the user that sent you the email.


d.)    Country – Country from which the email was sent.


e.)      Language – Character set the message was sent in. 


f.)    Bayesian Rank – The rank assigned by the filter to this message.  Ranking is from 0 to 1. The closer the message is to 1, the more likely the message is spam.  If you see a message that has a low Bayesian rank and is spam, it is a good idea to learn the message as spam with the “Spam” button.  If you notice a good message with a high Bayesian rank, it is a good idea to learn this as not spam with the “Not Spam” button.


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