Report as Spam

Report as Spam:


Effectiveness: Medium


Advantages: Report as spam is one of the only methods to potentially lower the physical amount of spam you receive.


How does it work:  Report as Spam looks up the information from the spammers message and finds out who owns the domain and hosts the websites the spammer is promoting. It can also look up the advertisers as well.  Once SpamBully has this information it reports the message to the proper servers.  It also sends a message to the FTC notifying them of the spam message.  The FTC can then decide whether to take further steps against the spammer.


Limitations: Reporting all your messages is labor intensive, it requires you to review and report the spam messages you receive one at a time.  This is because it take several seconds to analyze the email and retrieve the proper records from the internet.  We also require messages to be reported one at a time so they can be reviewed by an actual human.  It is serious business reporting a spam message and can have serious consequences for the person doing the spamming.  Therefore, we want each user to review each message before reporting it.


Recommendations:  Reporting is most effective for users with very light amounts of spam messages.  If you receive 5-10 spam messages or less a day, this may be an effective part of your spam solution.  For higher levels of spam, generally the effort required to report every message is not worth the time it takes.  It is more effective to concentrate your efforts on keeping your Bayesian spam filters properly trained.  The goal of a spam filter is to spend less time dealing with spam in the first place so reporting each spammer usually means you are spending more and not less time dealing with spam.

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