I am checking an Exchange, IMAP, or Hotmail Account and having problems. How do I fix it?

Exchange, IMAP and Hotmail support are an Outlook only feature. If you need this functionality in Outlook Express you will need to use version 2 of SpamBully available on the download page at the bottom. Exchange, IMAP, and Hotmail accounts work slightly differently than regular POP mail accounts.  This is because email messages reside on the server and not on the desktop machine. Processing these types of accounts will probably be a bit slower with SpamBully because in order to determine whether a message is spam or not we download the entire message to the local machine for analysis and categorization.

You need to adjust a few settings in SpamBully for it to process these types of accounts automatically.

1. You need to add the Exchange, IMAP, or Hotmail folders to your SpamBully 3 menu > Options  > Check Additional Folders option.  Add any folders you want automatically checked.  Do not add your local Inbox as this is already checked automatically.  For a tutorial on how to do this, see this link.  http://www.spambully.com/sb2help/index.php?page=index_v2&id=36&c=3

2.  Also it is a good idea to locate your Spam folder locally.  If you try to load it on a server based folder (Hotmail, IMAP or Exchange folder) it may not be able to move the spam emails properly to this folder.

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