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My registration code is not working. What's wrong?

In order for your registration code to be accepted successfully you must connect successfully with our registration database for SpamBully.

(NOTE: SpamBully 1,2,3 and 4 registration codes are NOT compatible.  If you have a SpamBully 1 registration code you can only use it with SpamBully 1.  If you would like to upgrade to a SpamBully 4 registration code, please visit:


If your registration code does not work, these are the most likely causes:

1. Make sure you are connected to the internet. 

2. Make sure you can connect to our website  by visiting

3. Make sure your name, email, and registration code match up exactly with your original registration that was emailed to you. You can retrieve your registration code information again from .  It is recommended you copy and paste your information so errors in transcription do not occur.

4. Try to temporarily disable your firewall software and re-enter your registration code.

5. Do you have any type of "ad-killer" type software running?  A few users have had this type of software block the registration process.  Try temporarily disabling that to see if it helps. 

6. Do you have any programs that allow you to browse the web anonymously?  You may need to temporarily uninstall these to register SpamBully.

7. Are you the administrative user for your computer?  You must be the administrative user for the registration code to be successfully entered into the system. 

8. Try to restart Outlook or Outlook Express after completing the above steps to see if it is now registered successfully.  When you successfully enter your registration code, your email program must be restarted for the changes to take place.

9. Try closing your Outlook or Outlook Express.  Uninstall SpamBully.  Then reinstall SpamBully.  Then try and enter your registration code again.

10. Still having issues? Contact us at and let us know your registration code still isn't working and the steps you have already tried to get it working. Also let us know if you have a firewall or "ad-killer" software running.

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