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Spam Bully Home > Spam Bully Help > Troubleshooting > How do I uninstall SpamBully?

How do I uninstall SpamBully?

1. Close Outlook or Outlook Express.

2. Go to START > CONTROL PANEL > ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS from there you can locate SpamBully and click REMOVE

3.  You will be given the option to remove only the SpamBully program or also the training and data files.  If you plan to reinstall SpamBully again or upgrade it, then you do not need to remove the data files. 

(Note:  If you tried to remove it without making sure Outlook or Outlook Express is closed this can leave parts of the program still installed. The best way to fix this is to temporarily reinstall it again and then go through the removal process with Outlook or Outlook Express closed.)

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